Broadcast 1079 (Special Edition)

28 Dec 2008 Thomas A. Olson
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Guest: Tom Olson was our guest for this special Space Show program which took a look at space in 2008 to get an idea of what space in 2009 will look like. We started the discussion with an update from Tom on his effort to win clemency for Walt Anderson as President Bush decides these issues before leaving office. Tom explained the process and said it was now just a wait and see what happens. We then shifted to a post on the RocketsandSuch blog (See for more information). This article computes the cost to LEO using the shuttle versus the Orbital Science COTS launcher. There were lots of listener questions both supporting and challenging Rocket Man's analysis, so you will certainly want to hear this segment of the show. This blog article was also posted on Space Cynics on behalf of OldSpaceCadet, so you can find it there as well, see for the space cynics website. Tom was then asked for his view of 2008 space related milestones. He listed the successful Falcon 1 launch, White Knight Two and the work being done on SpaceShipTwo, the awarding of the COTS contracts, work on the Falcon 9 pad and testing, Lunar Lander Challenge winner Armadillo Aerospace, and the Phoenix Lander Mission. Listeners asked about other projects, happenings, or announcements during 2008, but this was Tom's list. Listen to what he said about these items and those proposed by listeners that he did not include on his list. There was also a detailed discussion about the rocket equation, small rockets, the space elevator, space investment summits, and space solar power. We focused on markets and customers for launch plans, what to do to make a business case for SSP or for a commercial space venture with the high cost of orbital access, and more. If you have a question or comment for Tom Olson, please send it to me at and I will forward it.



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