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28 Aug 2016 Dr. David Livingston
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Welcome to our Open Lines discussion for this Sunday.  During the first segment of our 2 hour 14 minute show, John Hunt called to discuss his continued analysis of the Dr. Brandenburg GEM Unification Theory including the gravitational constant and Planck Constant.  John updated us on his findings so far, talked about the physics involved in the theory, recent comments on the theory by our recent guest Dr. Ethan Siegel and more.  Its an interesting discussion with John assuming listeners have at least a basic education in the study of physics.  I also went over Dr. Brandenburg's presentation schedule at the upcoming Space 2016 AIAA meeting in Long Beach next month. 

Marshall was our next caller.  H wanted to talk about the recent program with Dr. Plata and how people avoid getting dizzy when spinning while dancing or in a centrifuge.  He commented on a recent circus video he saw plus the comments that were made on the Plata show about spotting and not turning one's head.  These two calls plus the program up front announcements concluded the first segment of our discussion.

In the second segment, Kim called to talk about Proxima B which made the press late last week.  We talked it being in the habitable zone and then Kim mentioned the Breakthrough Starshot project to develop and fund advanced propulsion that could make the 4.2 light year trip to Proxima B at 20% of light speed in about 42 years.  According to Breakthrough Starshot, they plan on developing advanced propulsion, at first for a micro circuit board, using solar sails and laser energy. We asked lots of questions which Doug answered via email while Kim was talking with us.  Before Kim ended her program, I reminded her she was the scheduled guest for our Sept. 11 program.  Kim then explained why she wanted to do the show on 9/11.  Don't miss her explanation.

Kim also asked me about my Space Show book plans.  I decided to speak freely about it including the financial challenges for me in doing it, the possible use of a crowd funding program to cover the financial costs, plus medical and injury problems that have so far consumed time and energy which is why the book project is dragging - at least for now.  I was up front and transparent in this discussion, probably too much so.

Dr. Doug called after Kim finished her call.  He was critical of the NASA ARM and had much to say about it don't miss his comments.  After a thorough discussion of ARM, Doug focused on the recent Dr. Zubrin show and Bob saying that he would be willing to collaborate with Return to the Moon folks given certain criteria and understandings.  We talked about how Dr. Zubrin viewed the Moon as part of the overall Martian effort, the possible role of Elon Musk and SpaceX in changing our culture for going to mars.  Dr. Doug suggested that when Mr. Musk makes his announcement next Month in Mexico, it might drive substantial let's go to Mars interest s among the public.  Doug mentioned that he wanted to discuss his ideas with Dr. Zubrin at the upcoming Mars Society Conference later in September in Washington, DC as Doug is presenting at the conference.  We look forward to his report about his discussion with Dr. Zubrin on these topics. 

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