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We welcomed Dr. Bruce Cordell back to the show to discuss the first 100 days of the Trump Administration in the context of space policy, Maslow Windows and history.  Our 1 hour 40 minute program was in two segments but much of the content in both segments was the same other than for elaboration.  As a result of that I will summary this program in just a few short paragraphs without regard to show segment. 

We started our discussion with Dr. Cordell talking about two big projects representing Maslow Windows, the Panama Canal and the Apollo program. He went through a brief history of both to illustrate their Maslow Window qualities, then he jumped forward to compare then to now, especially with Apollo and today.  In discussing Apollo, he talked about JFK and for sure the Cuban Missile Crisis which he compared to North Korea today.  This comparison was made many times over during the show, especially in the second segment.  In fact, Bruce wanted to focus on North Korea throughout the discussion, even asking for my opinion on it and if I thought people were getting the seriousness of it.  I spoke to being a bit cynical about everything and finding it hard to find credibility in anything these days given how I and others see congress, the media, the continued partisan fighting, and such.  Bruce said the Korean problem would be diplomatically resolved, again suggesting it was an indicator of the Maslow Window being opened for something really huge and significant in space.  See what you think and let us know by posting on the blog. 

Other examples of the Maslow Window opportunities suggested by our guest were quotes and comments by both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.  He then referenced other types of projects which represent ebullience  showing up in the economy and among the people such as Project Starshot.  during the program, our guest cited other examples of growing ebullience throughout the nation, again, taking this as a sign and trend that the Maslow Window was open and something really big and significant would emerge, probably in the form of a space policy project.  He said such a project might be international or a public private venture.  At one point later in the discussion, he said he would not be surprised if the big opportunity that emerged was a US-China joint space project. 

Another problem that concerned our guest was the possibility of EMP damage should N. Korea blow off an atomic bomb in space.  Dr. Cordell talked about this risk extensively.  During both segments, Bruce took email questions from the listeners.  The listeners brought up and discussed Mars Phobos & Deimos missions.  Dr. Doug even asked our guest if such a mission to the Martian moons could be done using the Falcon Heavy rocket.  Before the program ended, Bruce talked timelines and then said he would go out on a limb and make a prediction.  Don't miss what he said and what his prediction was about.

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First 100 days space review with the new admin & Maslow Windows

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28 Apr 2017 Dr. Bruce Cordell
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