Broadcast 935 (Special Edition)

28 Apr 2008 Peter Kokh
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Peter Kokh, President of The Moon Society (, was the guest for this Space Show program. We led off with a definition of The Moon Society, what it does, and what its doing to promote and help facilitate the Vision for Space Exploration and the Return to the Moon. In response to a question, Peter compared the Moon Society to the Mars Society and described how The Moon Society supports lunar development and settlement as well as the same for Mars. However, the Moon is closer, so you will want to hear his case for going to the Moon. Peter, having been involved in space advocacy for more than 40 years, talked about reaching people, having a strong voice for the cause, and more. We talked about specific types of possible lunar businesses including weapons on the Moon, lunar burials, and more. Don't miss what Peter has to say about these ventures as well as the Google Lunar X-Prize. Some additional websites to visit for more information are,, and If you have questions or comments for Peter Kokh, please send them to him at



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