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Guest:  Christopher Richins; Topics: RBC Signals press announcements and news, Covid impact on global businesses, 5 G satellite technology, satellite frequencies and more.

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We welcomed Christopher Richins back to the show for RBC Signals updates, satellite industry news, the pandemic and business operations, 5 G and much more during our 70 minute program.  You can find out more about RBC Signals at  Our program started out with our guest addressing the impact on RBC Signals and the RBC sector of the satellite industry in general of the Covid 19 pandemic.  This was an interesting discussion on many levels. Both for RBC here in the US but also on the international scene since they operate in many countries.  Listen to what our guest said about the impact on the supply chain.  In addition, listener Larry from Denver asked if it was difficult doing business in Seattle given all the social unrest in Seattle during recent months.  Christopher was asked about new commercial opportunities coming about because of the pandemic.  As an example of  such opportunities, our guest mentioned one company switching to make ventilators .  ''

Christopher was asked about two new partnerships with RBC.  One was with Aurora Propulsion Technologies where RBC Signals will provide global ground services for their operation.  The other was with Momentus and calls for ground services as well for their program.  Our guest explained both agreements in some detail, he also mentioned another company, Swarm, and then he talked about partnerships and how important they were and becoming to the industry.  Later you will hear Christopher talk about Microsoft entering the industry with partnerships. 

Our guest took a question that inquired about the market and commercial health of the satellite industry serviced by RBC Signals.  Listen to what was asked of our guest as the questions went to the heart of the business/industry serviced by RBC Signals and lots of others.  Some of the questions inquired about the health of the industry, the maturity level, the likelihood of continued market growth, might there be a shakeout of companies and more.  Listen to all of what our guest had to say about the industry and new opportunities coming about due to both Microsoft and Amazon entering the field.  Todd sent in a note wanting to know about the launch market for this industry segment.  You want to hear all of what Christopher had to say but one thing he mentioned that was key was the launch had to get to orbit.  Listen for details.  In addition, Christopher was asked about the foreign launch market and non-US players in this expanded version of the launch industry.  Don't miss what he had to say as he went though country by country engaged in commercial launch.

In our discussion, doing business with Finland came up as I inquired if it was a good country for the commercial space industry.  You might be very surprised by what our guest had to say about Finland so do pay attention.  Good for Finland.  Perhaps TSS can pursue some additional commercial space programming based on Finnish companies and individuals.  Suggestions?

Later in our discussion, Christopher was asked if RBC satellite customers and their ground stations were on 5G and IoT ready.  The listener wanted to know if operating the satellites would soon be done by smartphone, making the ground station obsolete. These was a great discussion regarding 5G, satellites going to 5G, frequencies, modifications needed for 5G plus lots more on this topic.  I believe this was an important part of our discussion so be sure to hear all of it.

Following the 5G discussion, I asked our guest for the technology choke points that could stifle advances or sidetrack them.  Also, since regulatory issues were discussed, Christopher was asked his opinion on the competence of those policy makers engaged in the industry regulatory matters.  Our guest identified five possible choke points and spoke very highly of those engaged globally in policy making and those regulating his industry.  You can hear all of what was said when you listen to this part of the discussion.

Our last question of the day was from Carl in Santa Barbara. He asked our guest if RBC Signals and its customers and industry were playing a role in mitigation and preventing the wildfires in the west and other areas.  We had quite the discussion regarding satellites and wildfire control and mitigation efforts.  Definitely listen to all of what Christopher talked about.  When asked if Cal Fire and other fire fighting and preventing agencies and organizations were using these services, he suggested they were coming online more and more and would soon be everywhere given their importance in addressing both wildfire prevention and mitigation if a fire breaks out.

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New and interesting updates for RBC Signals, commercial satellites, ground stations and more

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27 Oct 2020 Christopher Richins
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