SPECIAL ALERT FOLLOW UP: Sunday, 10-27-19 at 10:45 AM PDT

The Space Foundation Conference

27 Oct 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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As of about 11 AM PDT Sunday morning, I still have power and all my systems are working though everything around me in all directions has no power, no internet and marginal cell capabilities.  I am planning on doing today's Open Lines show but each show this week is on a day by day hour by hour basis as things are very fluid, they can change quickly.  Part of the problem for me in Petaluma in Sonoma County is the huge out of control Kincaid fire that is now more 30,000 acres and 40 square miles large and only 10% controlled.  The winds are very strong, limiting aerial help though the tankers are flying again as of a little while ago.  Most of Sonoma is without power and most of the northern and western areas have been evacuated all the way to the coast.  Petaluma has been a major evacuation center and the traffic flowing into Petaluma is really heavy.  They are also directing those evacuating to areas in San Rafael 30 miles south in Marin County plus nearby potential safe zones to the east across the bay.  I don't believe Petaluma residents will be forced to evacuate given the winds are blowing off the Sierras to the west to the ocean.  Petaluma is to the south of all of this and is the last town in Sonoma county which borders on Marin County.  Again, this is all very fluid but as long as I have power and the internet, I can see what is happening and plan for Space Show programs to continue or not and the safety for Pepper and me.

So again, for today, Sunday, I am planning to do the Open Lines program.  All callers are welcome including first time callers.  Talk about your favorite topic but keep it space, science, STEM, and Steam related.  If you want to talk to another caller, YOU must email me to tell me as I don't usually answer the other phone lines during a show due to the high rate of spam callers that call my numbers.  So please, email and tell me you want to talk to the toll free caller so I can answer the phone when you call.  If the situation changes with my power and internet, I will do my best to post an urgent update.  If you tune in to listen to Open Lines and the program is not there, just assume I have gone dark and there was no time or power to post a notice.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

David Livingston



Alert Follow Up for Sunday Open Lines Show

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