Broadcast 418 (Special Edition)

27 Nov 2005 Dennis Wingo
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Dennis Wingo returned to The Space Show for this program. We discussed on orbit construction and its economics, its applications, and how to do it profitably with the private sector. We also discussed heavy lift, its application with the Vision regarding returning to the Moon and going on to Mars. Dennis also brought to our attention new developments and discoveries on the Moon regarding the findings and conclusions as stated in his recent book, "Moonrush. " Mr. Wingo stressed the need for visionary capitalists for developing segments of the space private sector. We spoke about platinum based minerals, mining platinum on the Moon as compared to here on Earth and the economics of doing so on the Moon or on a near Earth asteroid. We spoke about space solar power, lunar based solar power and the need for more fusion development here on Earth and in space. Dennis mentioned the importance of ITER and the coalition to work on fusion reactors. He also addressed the subject of helium 3 and its use now and in the future on Earth. Dennis mentioned that he had formed a new company which we will be hearing more about soon. Dennis concluded the interview with his thoughts and comments on space tourism, 2006 and the year ahead, and a look back at 2005. Listeners can contact Dennis through me at



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