Broadcast 1369 (Special Edition)

27 May 2010 Michael Potter
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Guest: Michael Potter. Topics: "Orphans of Apollo," commercial space. Michael Potter was the guest to discuss his documentary film, "Orphans of Apollo" and the first Los Angeles screening which was to take place in San Pedro (Los Angeles) the evening of Friday, May 28, 2010. To find out more about the film, please visit In addition, the film is available through Amazon on the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF) book page (after the Memorial Day weekend) so if you buy it from, Amazon makes a contribution to The Space Show/OGLF. During our first segment, Mr. Potter described the LA screening of the film in San Pedro and the sponsors for the screening including the 62 Mile Club, AIAA, and the Space Frontier Foundation. Michael then proceeded to tell the story behind his documentary film. This is the story about the effort of a handful of visionaries who came very close to buying the Mir Space Station to using it for true commercial space development. In the second segment, we talked about the challenge of the time between the Mir Corp buying and commercially operating the Mir Space Station as compared to the ISS, plus potential commercial usage on the ISS. Our guest brought up the Bigelow Aerospace space stations and the fact that they will be commercial and of course their were many listener questions about possible government interference in the Mir Corp venture as well as the possibility of such interference taking place today as efforts to commercialize space continue. I asked Michael about the long lasting impact of the Mir venture on space policy makers today. Don't miss his comments in reply to this question. As we started the third and final segment of the program, a listener asked Michael potter how the film was made. In answering this question, Michael explained the availability and use of the still pictures take with a very early digital camera as well as the video that was taken by Rick and others during the meetings and negotiations. Many listeners asked Mr. Potter questions about Walt Anderson and his part in the Mir venture, even if is legal problems were a result of his involvement with Mir Corp and this venture. For full information on the legal issues surrounding the Walt Anderson case, you are directed to the website, Much of this last segment focused on the role Walt played in the Mir venture and given the numerous interviews I have conducted with Walt, I shared some of the information Walt told Space Show listeners during his interviews. If this interests you, I urge you to visit the website mentioned above and to listen to the Walt Anderson interviews on The Space Show. Michael Potter left us with some final words encouraging us to live the dream and never give up. If you have questions or comments for Michael Potter, you can email him using the Contact link on the website, Make sure you reference Michael Potter and The Space Show in the subject line of your message.



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