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We welcomed Kim Holder back to the program for this two segment 2 hour 8 minute discussion and update regarding Moonwards and using space to change humanity.  First, please note the audio and edit glitches starting around 1 hour 6 minutes into the program.  I explained the problem with a post to the blog.  I apologize for these issues but no programming was lost and the interruptions did not seem to negatively impact our discussion. 

Kim and I started the discussion with her telling us about Moonwards, why she started the program, the goals and objectives and her methodology in creating this virtual 3D world (see  Kim's introduction to Moonwards was interrupted with Mark, our first caller.   Mark was very impressed with the Moonwards website and information on it, plus the 3D animated video Kim posted on TSS blog for this show.  Mark explained how from his perspective, Moonwards was very inspiring.  After Mark's call, Kim continued talking about Moonwards and bringing us current with not just the 3D animation post on the blog but the technology she was using and will be using but she started talking about the basics of how Moonwards would work.  For example, she referenced a $300 million cost per couple to go to the colony but this covers their cost for life.  She also painted a picture of power coming from nuclear reactors, solar power beamed from space stations, skyhooks moving people and cargo to Moonwards, telerobotics and much more.  Later in the show she had more to say about the costs and the economics she was advocating.

Marshall called to continue talking about space stations, this time a large equatorial space station.  Marshall and Kim talked computer technology, advances in the technology and what to expect in the coming near future.  After Marshall put forth his simplistic idea on designing a space station, I could not resist jumping in to give Marshall a mission planning reality check. I urged him to listen to a FISO talk and the recent program with Dr. Marc Rayman on how NASA missions are planned, developed, etc.  Marshall thought it was excessive given it was NASA but I pointed out he brought no experience or track record to the table when offering his ideas and solutions.  Anyway, this was a distraction for talking about Moonwards with Kim so we quickly return to our guest though I urged Marshall to do some of the due diligence I was suggesting.  Kim and Marshall spent a considerable amount of time talking computer technology, software, and technology changes coming on stream very quickly and changing the way and ease of doing the types of things Kim does regarding Moonwards. 

In the second segment, we started talking infrastructure and the 3D video posted on the blog.  Kim started describing the environment which would include an atrium, trees, the shower, dressing room and bathroom areas plus I asked her about the water supply and water storage tanks which described as being 20 meters by 12 meters in size.  I also asked about the Moonwards power which she said would come from a combination of nuclear and solar. She explained this in some details, especially as to the various locations on the lunar surface where there would infrastructure.

Caroline from Seattle asked about cislunar transportation and going back and forth to Earth.  Kim said all of this would be developed but don't miss all her comments on this.  Kim then briefly outlined her plan of attack for Moonwards development starting with a space station in orbit and eventually ending up with the colony at the lunar equator.  She said lots of steps were involved.  Bethany in Denver then asked Kim if the ESA Moon Village was competition.  She said no because the Moon Village was meant to be real and Moonwards is meant to represent a possible future 25-35 years out from now.  In response to one of my questions asking Kim about her vision 150 or more years into the future, she said that hard to establish.  Listen to all of what she said regarding the development of very long term visionary predictions. 

The subject of glass domes came up in the context of the recent Space Show program with Dr. Benaroya.  Kim said Moonwards residents would need to look up and see the sky.  We then talked robotic technology and functions along with AI.  I asked another question about how people inside the colony and under the dome would get around.  Would there be something like cars or busses?  Kim mentioned scooters but listen to all of what she said on this subject.  The subject of animals and pets came up. Kim said this would be pretty far down the road before the Moonwards environment would be advanced enough for pets and animals.  Artificial gravity was discussed, having a centrifuge and the protocols for using it were discussed, shielding was talked about and then the subject of money and economics came up.  Please listen to all of what Kim had to say on this topic.

Penny asked her what the biggest challenge was for Moonwards.  Kim said it was the politics and the economy.  She said the biggest concern dealt with abuse of power, the possible use of the Moon for weapons launched back to Earth and the claim for military superiority over others.  Kim then offered us her summary.

For her summary, she asked why do we want to do this.  Don't miss all of her summary statement which she mixed in with her very big vision and idea that space can be used to change humanity for the best given she sees we are at or nearing a crucial turning point.  She had much more to say about using space to improve, change, and possibly even save humanity, making us all more together as one.  Again, don't miss all of her concluding comments.  Before the program ended, Kim was asked  about commercial  needs, business needs, and inspiration.

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27 Mar 2018 Kim Holder
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