Broadcast 320 (Special Edition)

27 Mar 2005 Dr. Sam Dinkin
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Dr. Sam Dinkin returned to The Space Show for this program. We began the interview by asking Sam about his space journalism prize and the creation of the Space Journalism Association. The prize has a deadline for submittals of the end of March 2005 so make sure you listen to this discussion and if you have a qualifying article, submit it before the deadline passes! We also talked about Dr. Dinkin's new business venture, SpaceShot, Inc., an opportunity that we are certainly all to hear more about as it develops over the near future. We discussed many other timely topics including the new choice for NASA Administrator, lunar commerce, Mars, low cost LEO and overall space access, congress, the American people and our attitude toward space, China, and current NASA challenges regarding the ISS< Hubble and the Voyageur program. As a result of listener questions, Dr. Dinkin discussed the law of the sea treaty and its application to space development, IPO's for space business opportunities, and even the "economic value for the passion of space." Dr. Dinkin also talked about writing for The Space Review and listeners are given instructions on how they can receive the free Space Review newsletter each Monday (see Dr. Dinkin, having interview the engineer for Rocketplane spoke about its development, some of its flight requirements for use at the Oklahoma Spaceport, and AST licensing processes. Dr. Dinkin provided Space Show listeners with a comprehensive discussion on many timely topics being addressed today in the world and in the larger congressional and general population worlds for space development. Listeners might enjoy Dr. Dinkin's novel approach to what he would do for his top 3-4 priorities were he selected as the new NASA Administrator. Dr. Dinkin can be contacted at or 1 -888- 434-6546.



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