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Guest: David Hoerr, co-author of "The Rocket Company," was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our discussion on the topic of Point A to Point B suborbital transportation as David had written a thoughtful piece on the subject in The Space Review on May 5, 2008. Please see: David received lots of listener questions about the military version of Point A to Point B suborbital transportation, commercial versions, the market for such versions, and the advances needed in technology. At one point, Mr. Hoerr made it clear that it might be easier to scale down an orbital RLV for this Point A to Point B hypothetical mission rather than trying to build a suborbital vehicle to do it. This was because the vehicle has to reach about 80 or 85% orbital velocity to do the mission so given thermal and other needs, it might be easier to simply scale back from the orbital vehicle. This prompted a discussion on RLV economics which you won't want to miss. Other topics were discussed including inspiring and motivating students, the ESAS architecture for returning to the Moon, and what Mr. Hoerr would do were he the U.S. Government space guru in charge of everything. If you have comments or questions for David Hoerr, please send to me at and I will promptly forward them to him.



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27 Jun 2008 David Hoerr
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