Broadcast 861 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

27 Dec 2007 Dr. George S. Robinson
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Guest: Dr. George Robinson. Dr. George Robinson returned to The Space Show to discuss the topic of his new paper, "Public Space Law, The Practitioner, And The Private Entrepreneur: Distinguishing What 'Ought To Be' From What Is." Dr. Robinson said there were several important areas of space law which need to be examined by both domestic and international lawyers before the VSE can be fully implemented. These areas include ITAR, difficulties with the U.N. Outer Space Treaty (OST), how to provide proper hard sciences education and training for l awyers , as well as transhumanistic space missions. This training would help predict how humans may change or evolve to handle space travel and settlement. If you wish to read Dr. Robinson's paper, please send your request to me at and I will forward you his article. This comprehensive discussion sparked many listener questions such as the purpose of the OST, the procedure for possibly withdrawing from the treaty, and the possibility of the treaty eventually being outdated. Several questions dealt with enforcement of treaty regulations and the penalty for violations. Some listeners used the Chinese ASAT test from earlier this year as an example in their questions. Dr. Robinson provided us with important clarifications in this discussion so you don't want to miss what he had to say on this important subject . Another listener question focused on amending the treaty and how that is accomplished. Towards the end of the program, Dr. Robinson referenced our aviation environment as also needing regulatory attention so we spent several minutes on this topic as well. Don't miss what he wants to hear on this interesting topic, especially regarding potential supersonic flights over the US or in protected zones. Space property rights, space tourism, and space entrepreneurism were also brought up. You can address your comments or questions to Dr. Robinson at Please reference The Space Show in your subject line.



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