Broadcast 1024 (Special Edition)

26 Sep 2008 Brian Hanley
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Guest: Brian Hanley was our guest for this off-topic Space Show program, which addressed the issue of terrorism. We began the discussion by asking Mr. Hanley for a working definition of terrorism why it was defined as asymmetrical warfare and violence for political ends against non-government targets. We talked extensively about Russia, what is in its national interest with regards to supporting or not supporting terrorism. In fact, we discussed actions the U.S. has taken and takes in its own national interest that sometimes run afoul of our stated anti-terrorism policy. Appropriate anti-terrorism policy was discussed throughout this show, so you will want to hear these discussions. Pakistan was an important topic as well, so for sure you will want to hear what Brian had to say about Pakistan and what was going on with them, the Taliban, and more. There was much discussion centering around the Middle East, Iran, Israel, and regional terrorist organizations. Again, not to be missed! Brian Hanley is making available a chapter he wrote in a book that may interest many of you. His chapter, "Understanding Putin, Georgia and the conflict in the Caucasus , " is available for download at As you will hear when you listen to this show, there is much more involved in understanding terrorism, how it is used, and responses to it than what we pick up from the usual media or related sources. If you have questions or comments for our guest and expert, Brian Hanley, please send him an email at



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