Broadcast 559 (Special Edition)

26 Sep 2006 Dr. Buzz Aldrin
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Dr. Buzz Aldrin was the very special guest for this Space Show program. Buzz outlined a three point engagement plan for moving forward with space development, education, and engaging the public in space, specifically the VSE. This program started with his description of his ShareSpace Foundation, its educational work and objectives, followed by explaining the importance of coming up with the right nomenclature to properly describe those going to space as adventurers or explorers, not just tourists. In the third point which came up later in the show, Buzz discussed the upcoming 40 year celebrations that are being planned, how the public can get involved in them and their importance. Buzz responded to many questions about the current program for returning to the Moon, its architecture and ways to make it sustainable across multiple presidential terms. He talked about student outreach, engaging various advocate and other organizations including SEDS, and the importance of supporting the NASA program even if we disagree with parts of it. Buzz talked about the way it was when they were planning to go to the Moon and then when they went, lessons learned that can apply today, and decisions that were made which were likely not the best, even at the time. One such area he talked about was the shuttle. At the time, he advocated focusing on the continued use of the Apollo-like vehicle, Skylab and a second Skylab which would have been joined together with the first. Then create the RLV-like shuttle vehicle down the road when our knowlege base regarding space, rockets, etc. had increased. Buzz also stressed the importance of the private sector being involved in the VSE and establishing a parallel path to development, public and private. This is a must listen to program. Dr. Buzz Aldrin has his fingers on the pulse of the space program and the people that are making it happen, both public and private. You can send your comments or questions for Buzz through me at



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