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Guest:  Dr. David Schrunk; Topics:  Project Moon to inhabit, develop and use it for bettering humanity plus a discussion on the needed quality of law oversight for space laws yet to be made plus our terrestrial laws now and in the future.

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We welcomed back to the program Dr. David Schrunk to discuss his ideas for The Planet Moon Project plus the need for developing oversight to assure quality laws for space and on Earth.  During our one segment 93 minute discussion, our guest started off describing the Planet Moon Project.  The project involves developing the Moon, long term living there and full settlement and resource usage plus exploring Mars and the solar system from the Moon.  Dr. Schrunk went into his plans, discussed TRLs for Project Moon, why the Artemis project was so important plus much more.  We did get several email questions which allowed David to explain details about his project plus to elaborate on his vision and how he sees the Moon as settlement progresses.  Our first caller John asked him about lunar dust issues which afforded our guest the opportunity to talk about multiple technical challenges and how they can be met.  As you listen to this part of our discussion, you will find familiar goals and objectives plus elements of David's vision to be the same as many others have expressed on The Space Show. 

One interesting mini-discussion took place when listener Ted asked how best to counter those not wanting to return to the Moon or thinking it was a waste of everything to do so.  Our guest responded with comments about being able to develop use SSP for cheaper and abundant energy on Earth, plus to have the use of lunar and space resources.  Be sure to hear all of what our guest said.  Let us know if you this this is the best way to counter those opposing lunar return and development plans. 

Before pausing halfway through the program to thank our Space Show sponsors and read their messages, our guest talked some more about government, the private sector, robotic, AI, and telerobotic operations from space stations and from back here on Earth.  After this discussion, we paused for the sponsor messages.

Upon return, our guest was asked if going to the Moon was necessary for going to Mars.  David said the Moon was an enabler for Mars but be sure to listen to all of what he said on this topic.  He also worked in exploring the solar system from the Moon.  David responded to listener George who sent in an email asking if our lunar development could in any way impact the Moon in a way that it could negatively impact Earth.  David said no but once again, listen to all of the question and the reply by our guest.  Another listen asked about the Outer Space Treaty (OST) and different private groups and governments going there to divide up the "spoils"  David thought this was possible and said there were better solutions to lunar governance than the OST.  He cited the work by the late noted space attorney Declan O'Donnell who used to be a frequent guest on TSS, regarding his idea to develop a Lunar Economic Authority.  David explained this to us as well as what was meant by "Authority."  One of the examples cited by our guest was the UK-French Chunnel Project to tunnel from the UK to France. 

Ft. Worth John called to talk about the type and quantity of infrastructure that would be needed to fulfil the vision being expressed by our guest.  John and David had an excellent discussion with our guest suggesting everyone become familiar with the Dr. Phil Metzger paper, "Affordable, Rapid Bootstrapping of Space Industry and Solar System Civilization."  You can find the paper on Phil's website,

Tim from Huntsville called to discuss the AI and robotic capability of actually going through raw materials to select the materials to be used for a lunar or a space manufacturing project.  Tim did not think AI could do this.  Don't miss this interesting exchange between the two.  After Tim's call, I asked David how he planned to deal with radiation and microgravity.  Once again, listen to what our guest had to say about both of these challenges.  Beth sent in an email saying people were not programed to live underground and to be indoors all the time.  Since our guest was saying we would have be underground because of radiation, he suggested large lava tube but listen to what he said about simulating the outside and large living space in response to Beth's question.  Do you agree with our guest or listener Beth?  Let us know by posting on our blog.  Another listen asked David about food on the Moon and the possibility of growing food there. 

Our guest moved us to his next topic, the Science of Law.  David has been studying the Science of Laws for many years and believes we need to treat laws much the way we do science and demand higher standards and quality.  This was a fascinating discussion, with humor at times, but I believe important.  How to implement his ideas for quality control regarding laws seems out reach right now but a worthy goal.  Halfway joking but also being serious, I suggested he find a way to demo his idea right here in California.    Listener Tim called back to challenge him on the idea saying why he thought it would never work.  What do you think of the response provided by our guest to the challenges thrown out by caller Tim?  Share your thoughts with us regarding the establishment of higher standards and qualities for the laws that will be made for space but also here on Earth. How do you think we could have and implement high quality and standards oversight for the laws made by government?

In David's concluding comments, he gave a shout out to NASA for wanting to put the first woman on the Moon.  He said this was a very big deal.   He also said that in the 50 states, there were annually over 40,000 new laws without any quality control or oversight.  He also talked about his early medical experience at JSC during the Apollo era and watching the actual Apollo 11 launch from a location near the Cape launch site.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Schrunk on our blog.  You can contact him through me at my email address. 




"Planet Moon" and the Science of Laws.

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26 Nov 2019 Dr. David Schrunk
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