Broadcast 840 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Nov 2007 Dr. Paul Eckert
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Dr. Paul Eckert was our guest for this Space Show program which focused on the upcoming Space Investment Summit 3, Dec. 5-6, 2007 in San Jose, CA. Visit the Summit website at Dr. Eckert started our discussion with an overview of this meeting and we followed that by going through the list of speakers, keynotes, business plan presenters, conference structure. Listeners asked about the pricing, who can attend, the availability of audio after the conference ended, and more. After the conference, check the website under archives for the presentations and audio where available from the discussions. Listeners also asked Paul about the screening process for the business plan participants and you will want to hear this discussion. In addition many comments were offered about the quality of people participating in this event, especially from outside the space community. Questions were asked if this indicates the emerging space industry was finally ready or close to being ready for prime time. Again, don't miss this discussion. One listener asked why Boeing, a representative of the large aerospace community and "old space" was sponsoring a New Space and entrepreneurial event. Do not miss Paul's response to this important questions. Check out this event at their website, and get the archives after the conference attends. If you want more information about the Summit, visit use the address or one of the others on this page.



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