Broadcast 630 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Nov 2006 Alan Marlow
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Alan Marlow in the UK was the guest for this special 2 hour 20 minute Space Show program which focused on the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) and the early days of the British space program. First our apologies for the audio quality for Mr. Marlow. We had telephone line issues connecting with the UK and despite all efforts to secure a better line and clean up the interference, the connection with him was not up to usual Space Show standards. Mr. Marlow in charge of carrying out the oral history of the BIS and we were treated to several audio clips highlighting some of the more memorable BIS historical events and discussions. You will no doubt find the audio clips, the discussion of the events surrounding the clips and the full set of clips which follow at the end of the program to be interesting if not downright fascinating. In addition to discussing the BIS history and the people involved in the oral history on tape, Mr. Marlow fielded listener questions about the perspectives of the British regarding space, comparing them to those of us in the States and also the EU. We talked about creative space projects and how that creativity might have changed had the computer and some of the advanced software been available to the early pioneers of the BIS. Mr. Marlow brought to our attention some of the very early projects such getting to Jupiter for HE3 and settling Mars at the polar regions. You can join the BIS and find out much more about the organization by visiting their website at If you have additional questions or comments for Alan Marlow, please send your e-mail to



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