Broadcast 950 (Special Edition)

26 May 2008 Graham Smith
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Guest: Graham Smith was the guest for this program to discuss his album, "Eleven," which honors the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. During the program, we played samples of all 11 tracks from his album from his website: Listeners sent in questions and called from Canada, the US, and the UK wanting to know his future music plans, how he composed space theme music, and if he would compose specific space music, for example, to highlight space tourism. Graham also is in FaceBook, MySpace, and more. His album can be purchased in the US on CD Baby: ; MySpace: ; Facebook: Graham also mentioned an upcoming Neil Armstrong film when he was asked about how his music might be used in a space movie. He provided us with these links:,,2273245,00.html and / If you want to ask Graham additional questions or send him comments, please do so through



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