Broadcast 499 (Special Edition)

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Dr. George Robinson was the special guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview talking about space commerce and issues of concern for start-up businesses. Dr. Robinson focused in on protecting intellectual property (IP), even from government workers in specific agencies. This is a must discussion as IP may be the determining value asset for the start-up for investors. We also talked at length about space property rights, even who owns the Moon. We talked in detail about the Outer Space Treaty (OST) and learned that the treaty provisions are not-self-executing. This is very important and means that U.S. businesses can essentially write their own ticket with space commerce and make sure that the way the U.S. passes laws to execute treaty provisions is most favorable to free enterprise and space commerce. It also means that if Russia passes its own laws to execute the treaty provisions for Russia, we could see two very different perspectives and regimes for the OST. Again, don't miss this important discussion. Dr. Robinson talked about the NDA and its enforceability, also about full consent documents. In one of the later segments of the show, we talked about the need for special legislation or regulations for space settlement. This discussion led Dr. Robinson to discuss transhumanism and the fact that humans are not suited for long duration space flight. Given that he believes we are too fragile for the long duration space travel and settlement, mentally, physically, and biologically, he offered alternatives for our development to go off planet. This is a must hear discussion and will be followed up on later this year with Dr. Robinson and other experts in this area. This particular part of the discussion led Dr. Robinson to talk about the Vision for Space Exploration and the fact that we truly need to know the issues and why we are going into space. Again, this is a must hear discussion. To send your comments or questions to Dr. Robinson, use or you can go through me at



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26 May 2006 Dr. George S. Robinson
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