Broadcast 514 (Special Edition)

26 Jun 2006 Debra Facktor Lepore
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Debra Facktor Lepore was the guest for this Space Show program. Ms. Lepore began the discussion with a focused on entrepreneurial space and why the timing now is so superb for success for this space industry segment. We talked about markets, financing, investors including traditional, non-traditional, angel and those contributing to distressed capital. Ms. Lepore outlined the key components for entrepreneurial space business which led to a discussion of the ingredients needed for success, the barriers to entry, and the barriers to success. This includes having a good team, good people to work with, a good key idea, and know how to sell the idea and the risk. We spoke about her experiences with Kistler, why Kistler failed and the lessons she learned from Kistler that she can use to make Air Launch LLC a success. We also spoke about government contracting and the way that Air Launch is working with the government with milestones. Ms. Lepore explained the Air Launch LLC concept, its drop tests and some of the engineering behind the project. You can learn more by visiting You can send follow up questions or comments to Ms. Lepore at or to me at



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