Broadcast 235 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Jun 2004 Joan Horvath
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Joan Horvath, the CEO of Take-off Technologies, LLC and the Executive Director of Global Space League, Inc., was the guest on this Space Show program. Having attended the launch of Space Ship One at Mojave, CA on the early morning of June 21, 2004, Ms. Horvath summarizes her experiences, what she saw, felt, and was thinking about during this historic event. She brings to Space Show listeners several important and unique perspectives. Ms. Horvath also brought us up to date on the efforts to develop a thriving commercial launch industry as part of the greater Oklahoma Space Port Authority using Frederick, Oklahoma as the launch site and base. She told us about coming activities at Frederick, a launch site for vertical takeoffs and landings, that Joe Latrell (former Space Show guest) and his company, Beyond-Earth Enterprises had moved his base of operations from Colorado to Frederick and much more. She also talked about the special and exciting business partnerships being developed with Take-Off as well as Global Space League with the entertainment industry, Santa Clara University, school programs, and much more. Ms. Horvath is certainly on the front lines pushing for active private-sector space development, putting her ideas into action and seeing them developed. Joan Horvath is leading the way to private space development and you will not want to miss this program.



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