Broadcast 190 (Special Edition)

26 Jan 2004 Dr. Clark Lindsey
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Dr. Clark Lindsey returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Lindsey, founder and owner of, one of the web's best resources for space and space related matters, interviews, and factual information for advocates, the general public, and everyone, talked about the importance of bringing a proper space understanding and appreciation to the public and all people interested in space. We examined the Bush space policy proposal in detail, discussed a return to the Moon and on to Mars, and we discussed the two Mars rovers currently on the surface of the Red Planet. Dr. Lindsey examined the suborbital industry, the major players such as Scaled Composites, SpaceX, and others, their plans and what their success will mean for the industry and especially for NASA and Congress. He also discussed the RLV industry, what is needed to develop such a vehicle, the private sector gaining control of space access, humans versus robotic missions, especially to Mars. He fielded questions about commercial asteroid development and much more. We talked about funding for space programs, the upcoming political campaigns and what space will likely be like for the various candidates, and Dr. Lindsey looked into his Magic Space Ball and told us what he believes will unfold for 2004 as space successes and important developments that drive us forward to becoming space-faring.



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