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Guest:  Bernie Taylor; Topics:  Lunar time life, lunar cycles and life, extraterrestrial life, Drake equation modification to reflect the Moon, intelligent animals w/o lunar cycles and more.

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We welcomed Bernie Taylor back to the program for a one segment 1 hour 48 minute discussion regarding lunar cycle life, intelligent life with lunar timing and without lunar timing, extraterrestrial life, and modifying the Drake Equation to add "M" to it for the Moon. We started our discussion with out guest talking about the California grunion run and how that is cycled to the Moon.  He said it was lunar timed and spent time explaining this to us.  He then talked about salmon and suggested their behavior was also based on a lunar cycle.  Bernie then talked about the light-dark rhythm that humans adhere to and how we control it by lighting.  For at least the first half hour, maybe more, of our discussion, Bernie talked about the significance of lunar timed light meaning that we could tell time.  He suggested that being able to tell time separated us from other intelligent life such as dolphins, apes, and chimps.  Our guest had much to say about lunar time life, women's cycles with the Moon and why being tied to the Moon is what separates us from other life including us, stressing that they could not tell time.  Our guest also address problems with another planet that would have more than one moon.  He then talked about what it might mean if a moon for another planet had different orbital times and distances from its planet as compared to Earth and our Moon. Bernie suggested such different moon-planet relationships would alter the type of life found on the other planet.  I urge you to carefully listen to this discussion.  Please post your thoughts and comments about what our guest said regarding lunar timed life on our blog as we want to hear from you.

Several times during our discussion I asked our guest if his work was accepted by the scientific community or if it was on the fringe.  He said it was out there on the fringe.  He had much to say about the orthodoxy but ultimately you decide.  He related to us many of his experiences talking to mainstream science and astronomy groups plus their comments and reactions to his work and hypothesis given that he said there was no missing link because the distinguishing characteristic was our ability to tell time.  When we were near the end of the program, he even mentioned an upcoming speaking engagement at UC San Diego.  During our discussion, he referenced many of his speaking and lecture engagements so fringe or not, his hypothesis is getting exposure and exposure within the relevant scientific communities is underway.  Many scientists have heard Bernie talk so fringe or not, he has posed both interesting and challenging issues and factors worthy of consideration.

Listeners sent in emails asking how people might be impacted by living on Mars or the Moon given the impact of lunar cycles on them.  In his response, Bernie talked about how humans to some degree negate the lunar cycle by controlling the light dark rhythm due to using light and electricity.  Don't miss all of what he had to say on this subject.  As we moved along with our discussion, he mentioned the article he wrote for the Griffith Observatory back in August 2006.  The title of his article was "Are There Geese on  Cygnus 3?" His short paper won honorable mention in the Boeing Griffith Observer Science Writing Contest of 2005.  With Bernie's permission I have uploaded the program to the blog as a pdf.   In fact Marshall called regarding the mention of this article and referenced snow geese.  Marshall talked about vocabulary and painting art.  Bernie and Marshall had an excellent discussion so don't miss it. 

Bernie introduced us to Chief Tommy Thompson of the Basin Tribes and Survival Falls.  Note what Bernie had to say about Chief Thompson and his contributions.  You can Google Chief Tommy Thompson for lots more information.  This line of discussion then led to Bernie talking about the Drake Equation.  Bernie has added "M" (for the Moon) to the equation.  This proved to be a detailed discussion so don't miss it as adding the factor M reduced and limited the Drake Equation findings. I asked our guest if anyone had modified the Drake Equation by adding a Moon factor to it. I also speculated on what Frank Drake might do if where he hearing our discussion and learning of Bernie's addition of M  to the equation.  I suggested to Bernie that Dr. Drake would likely not be supportive of this particular modification but of course that is an unfounded assumption on my part which may have nothing to do with reality.

We talked about animals throughout the program but now the horse was mentioned.  Bernie had much to say about the horse given it had an 11.5 month gestation which at one time spawned the use of horse calendars.  Once again, don't miss Bernie's discussion regarding the horse and time. 

Bernie then received several listener emails on a variety of different topics.  One line of questions asked about the role of the stars with life and even asked if Bernie's work was the same as astrology.  Bernie separated his work from astrology but did have much to say about star impact on life.  Later before the program ended, Tim called from Huntsville to talk with Bernie about the stars being the root of religion.  Don't miss what Bernie said in support of that concept.  Tim then introduced the idea of astrotheology.  Bernie seemed to concur with what Tim was talking about and talked about man projecting his image to the stars.  Listen to what Bernie had to say and note his hypothesis.  Tell us what you think by posing your comments on our program blog.  

As we neared the end of the program, our guest stressed that there would be no time keeping life without the Moon and time keeping life was the distinguishing form of life that makes us stand out.  A few other topics came up before our program ended including interstellar life, human like life on other planets, and our seeking an answer to the question are we alone in the universe.  Bernie gave us an answer to that question so listen for it near the end of the program.  For sure, let us know if you support what Bernie said or not and why.  In conclusion, Bernie said it was all about the "M."  He also said that whatever we find out there, we will need to explore.  He suggested "we do more looking and less listening."

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this program. You can reach Bernie through me on his information posted on the blog.

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Adding "M" to the Drake Equation

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26 Feb 2019 Bernie Taylor
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