Broadcast 1078 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Dec 2008 Dan Shaw
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Guest: Dan Shaw was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss the subject of his doctoral studies work, Collaborative Tools and Techniques in Aerospace. We talked about the need for such services given the ever increasing quantities of data, images, etc, that need to be displayed, catalogued, and brought to the public. Museum and private company archives were discussed, but so were Space Show archives for transcription. You will want to hear Dan describe the various ways collaborative tools and techniques as well as distributive human computing and proofreading could be applied throughout the space industry. You may find relevant applications for this in your own work. In addition to discussing this subject and Dan's doctoral work, we also talked about his filming space conferences and his work with the study of vortexes. We also discussed accuracy in reporting and archiving, especially with Wikipedia and Wiki type projects. You will want to visit Dan's websites for more information about these subjects, and . His vortex information is at . During our conversation, Dan mentioned another useful website for NASA public domain images and for internet archiving, On this site, you can search for NASA images. If you have questions or comments for Dan about his doctoral studies work and projects, his conference film work, or his vortex work, please contact him at



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