Broadcast 292 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Dec 2004 Richard Westfall
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Richard Westfall discussed the legal concept of telepossession and how it can be used to facilitate mining in-situ resources on the Moon, nearby asteroids and elsewhere in space. Richard went into some detail explaining how the concept works, that it is based on the legal concept of first possession and not salvage rights as was initially understood. He explained why first possession is so important for developing space commerce and getting the necessary financing for commercial space projects. He clearly points the way for an American first in this area and based on listener questions and comments, for sure this concept and approach will draw criticism and attention. However, as Richard explained, even a legal loss in the first few cases brought before courts competent to hear such cases would in the end result in victories for advancing the concept and process and our commercial space economy. We also talked about the approach used by national space agency in India based on an article I referenced from the Nov. 22, 2004 Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. Richard Westfall had quite a bit to say about the Indian space program and their approach, especially in comparison to the program here in the United States. You will definitely want to hear this program and learn about telepossession. I suspect it is a concept and a plausible approach to developing space resources that we are going to hear a lot about in coming months.



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