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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests: Retired General Bob Dickman, Executive Director of AIAA, Col. Richard White, USAF SMC LAAFB, and Maureen Heath of Northrop Grumman Corporation were our guests tonight regarding the upcoming AIAA Space 2008 Conference to be held in San Diego, CA from Sept. 9-11. For conference information and registration, please visit We started our discussion with Ms. Heath and the Civil Space Day programming that she has been organizing for Wednesday, Sept. 10th. This specific programming leads off with a panel on the NASA budget and a special climate panel focusing on the role space plays in understanding climate issues. There is also special programming about the workforce that is needed for our future and much more. Those attending the conference will have ample time for questions, networking, and exchanges with the panelists and others at the conference. Later in the first segment and then in subsequent segments, we took a look at the first day programming for the conference which includes the commercial tracks and more. Here, we zeroed in on a few tracks dealing with entrepreneurism at various levels and also launch assurance, a new panel topic for this conference. We also answered many listener questions about student pricing, peer review for conference papers, scholarships, and more. Education Alley was explained and its importance as well as its appeal for everyone including adults was mentioned. So was on-site job recruiting by major corporations attending, sponsoring, and exhibiting at the conference. Later in the show, Col. White talked about six different technical panels and one of our favorite Space Show topics, Operationally Responsive Space. Later in the final segment, we discussed the standard for knowledge, research, and presentations represented by AIAA papers and contributors over the past several decades. You will want to hear this discussion and I am sure you will want to be part of this conference. To see the conference agenda, please visit For online registration, visit Registration will also be available at the door. I'll be there, look for me.



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26 Aug 2008 Robert Dickman, Maureen Heath, Col. Richard W. White, Jr.
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