Broadcast 761 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

26 Aug 2007 Robert Dickman, Michael Lounge, Dr. Randii Wessen, Col. Richard W. White, Jr.
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This AIAA Space 2007 Conference discussion program featured Mike Lounge of Boeing, Dr. Randii Wessen of JPL, Col. Richard White Jr. of SMC Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA, and Bob Dickman, AIAA Executive Director. The purpose of our program was to let listeners know about the content, the variety, and the importance of this upcoming conference in Long Beach, CA from Sept. 18-20, 2007. Each guest spoke about an area of special interest featured at the conference, in addition to pointing NewSpace speakers, panels, and keynote speakers representing various parts of the space community. Listeners had several questions for our guests and as the program developed, our guests were challenged validating returning to the Moon instead of more science and R&D type missions, or even more robotic missions. One listener toward the end of the program sought advice from our guests as he was speaking before a noon Rotary Club meeting a few days later and he wanted to know how to sell the Rotarians on a manned Mars mission. You will not want to miss this discussion. Col. White was asked to connect the dots with Operationally Responsive Space and the military in space with private sector space development which he did quite well. Don't miss this discussion. These four Space Show guests are only a small sample of what will be available at the Space 2007 meeting in Long Beach, including availability for networking so I strongly urge all who can to attend. You can get the conference information you need by visiting If you have a follow up question or comment, please send it to me at and I will forward it to the guest you are addressing.



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