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25 Oct 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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Listeners, I live and broadcast The Space Show in Northern California, specifically Sonoma County and the city of Petaluma.  All of Northern CA is now under the threat of a massive power shutdown coverning most of Northern CA starting sometime Saturday afternoon/evening through Monday or later.  My area of Sonoma, Petaluma, is part of the shutdown area though at this time there is no specific address information provided being by PGE.  I have received emergency notices from the Sonoma County Emergency Offices and Petaluma.  Also from the areas south of me in Marin County.  All or most of the East Bay is included in this alert. The fact is that if PGE does what they are warning us they will do, there will be no place to go or reasonably reach that has electrical power.  I do have a generator that can run for a few hours a day, maybe enough to keep food OK in the refrig and freezer but I will not have cable, internet, TV email, and probably cell service. That is what happened when PGE cut off 2 million people two weeks ago.  

As this situation is very fluid, it is impossible for me to know which programs will be cancelled.  Right now, I think that the Sunday program and the Monday program are the programs at risk.  I do have alternative ways to stream a live show but I need access to the internet and my analog ATT land lines still need to work plus I need some power to my board.  My generator could do that if I can run it but we have not finished setting it up for our needs so right now it is questionable other than for food and some lighting a few hours a day.  If Comcast goes down, the generator won't make any difference.

I will do my best to update this alert tomorrow, Satureday, before my power goes out, assuming it will go out.  Again, I cannot yet access specific info for my address, only general information for Petaluma, Sonoma and Marin Counties.  

I apologize for this interruption to Space Show programs. Believe me, milliions of others are also extremely upset with what is going on and they are losing billions in their business and health care.  Last time PGE did this, there was one death as a result of the outage and millions in food and drugs were lost.  Keep in mind, PGE, by state law, has no liability for any of this.

I am hoping for good news with my update for tomorow but I wanted to give you this heads up notice.  Also, just to be clear, I am doing everything possible to find a place to move to so I can avoid this type of situation.  Moving The Space Show is not an easy or cheap undertaking.  I will keep you posted on relocation efforts as they develop.

David Livingston




Alert: Power shutdown, show cancellations

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