Broadcast 817 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

25 Oct 2007 Senator Gilmer N. Capps, Jeff Krukin, Taber MacCallum, Sam Ximenes
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This is the set of interviews selected from those attending the Personal Space Flight Symposium in Las Cruces, NM. In the following order, you will hear first Jeff Krukin, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation make an important announcement. After Jeff, Reda Anderson serves as co-host in a discussion with Sam Ximenes, President of Exploration Architecture Corporation regarding their upcoming part in the development of Spaceport America. The third discussion also has Reda as my co-host talking with retired Oklahoma State Senator Gilmer Capps who helped create the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority and the tax credit program won by Rocketplane. This is a frank discussion about the Oklahoma Spaceport, Rocketplane, and space development in Oklahoma. the final interview is with Taber MacCallum, Chairman and CEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation in Tucson, AZ. During this discussion, Taber explains the process and many of the considerations in making life support systems for spacecraft with a focus on suborbital craft. He has some interesting challenges to address and I think you will find this discussion most interesting and informative. If you want to follow up with questions or comments for any of these guests, send your note to me at and I will forward it to the guest.



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