Broadcast 408 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

25 Oct 2005 Dr. Eligar Sadeh
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Dr. Eligar Sadeh returned for this Space Show program. Our discussion focused on the management content implemented at NASA with the NASA Administrator, Dr. Mike Griffin. Dr. Sadeh is concerned that the management being implemented at NASA contains within it some very destructive elements and he discusses these elements on the show. We also discussed private and public partnerships for space development, including the space advocate community side by side with the large aerospace industry and NASA. In our discussions regarding NASA management and Dr. Griffin, we talked about the architecture that will be used to return to the Moon and the probability of success for the Space Exploration Vision (SEV). You will certainly want to hear what Dr. Sadeh has to say about these issues. In addition to NASA management issues, we addressed earth observation management and data policy and Dr. Sadeh's new position as the Managing Editor of the academic journal, Astropolitics. Listeners wanting to ask questions of Dr. Sadeh can contact him at



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