Broadcast 273 (Special Edition)

25 Oct 2004 John Spencer
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John Spencer, an award winning space architect, was the guest on this program. We discussed his new book, "Space Tourism: Do You Want To Go" and various other issues pertaining to space tourism. John began by explaining the four phases of industrial development, applying it to the space tourism industry. We also talked about the potential market for space tourism and how we know that a market does in fact exist. Mr. Spencer was asked questions about pending space commerce and tourism legislation which was recently withdrawn from the Senate, about the possibility of the US withdrawing from the UN Outer Space Treaty to facilitate the development of the space tourism industry, and how people can find space tourism investment opportunities. John explained why he believes the space tourism industry can be appropriately compared to the ocean cruise industry, and he discussed his ideas regarding super yachts and possible clubs that model this terrestrial business for developing space tourism, realizing that this market will initially open up with wealthy individuals as have other adventure travel type of experiences. We also talked about the earlier space tourism efforts and I discussed friends who wanted to go back in the '80's and were written up in a 1987 edition of the Smithsonian publication, "Air & Space." John explained his action plan for developing the industry which is detailed in his book and he also talked about his experiential program with its historic timeline in the book regarding his Destiny model and experience. For those of you interested in space tourism, not only is listening to this program a must, so is reading John's book. John is one of the few recognized leaders in the effort to develop and realize space tourism. You will not want to miss what he has to say about this developing industry.



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