Broadcast 162 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

25 Oct 2003 Sylvia Engdahl
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Ms. Sylvia Engdahl, the author of science fiction novels first published in the 1970s and recently reissued, as well as an outspoken web publisher and writer concerning the importance of space colonization, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. During our discussing, we not only talked about space colonization and why it is important for everyone, but we discussed at length ways to bring the importance of space colonization to the public, including finding paths to facilitate the understanding of space development importance to the environmental activists and movement. We also talked about education and schools, politics and policies, space advocacy, and the need to connect with culture and mythology more so than science. Our discussion on space development and mythology was most interesting and Ms. Engdahl will be invited back to The Space Show to further discuss this subject when the spirituality and space development series resumes. Included in this interview with Sylvia was a discussion on returning to the Moon, going to Mars, and space solar power. Sylvia Engdahl is a very knowledgeable person regarding space development and she brought to The Space Show her unique perspectives and vision, all of which will help us rise to the next level in our space advocacy.



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