Broadcast 915 (Special Edition)

25 Mar 2008 Steven J. Milloy
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Guest: Steven Milloy, founder of (, was the guest for this program. Steven started out telling us how and why he started This is an interesting story about agenda driven and controlled financing of science projects and experiments, so don't miss it. From this topic we went to the topic of aerial spraying, DDT, and real vs. imaginary science behind such government or NGO programs. Again, this is an important discussion. If anyone would like a copy of the Bay Area spraying article that I referenced in the show, please let me know by email and I will send it to you. The next topic Steve discussed at length was global warming. We talked about many different aspects of global warming, what it means, carbon credits, CO2, water vapor, economic controls, the proper reading of graphs, and much more. Both the listeners and I asked him why so many scientists have signed on to the global warming consensus that carbon dioxide produced by human activity cause it. Don't miss what Steve has to say about this important issue, an issue which is the most popular discussed issue on I know that this discussion will be upsetting to listeners who disagree with Steve and myself. For future shows, I would be willing to present information representing the "consensus" point of view so if you would like this, please email me with your guest suggestions. Note also that when global warming comes up on the show with many guests, again the consensus of comments is in support of anthropogenic global warming and the guests state it as a matter of fact without being challenged by either listeners or myself. Thus, Steve represents only a handful of guests that have been on the show that have represented the contrarian view regarding humans causing the warming. This important subject has been given airing on both sides of the issue. Still, Steve presents the contrarian facts and view forcefully so some listeners will find this to be controversial, possibly even upsetting. As I support what Steve and many climate scientists say, some listeners will also find my comments on the subject to be controversial. Again, I invite your guest suggestions on this topic regardless of your point of view. Other issues discussed on the show dealt with space and rocket engineering, the Mars Rock, STEM education in the United States, China and India industrial pollution and economics, and much more. A listener asked Steve if he would consider starting a similar site for JunkEngineering. Steve invited all suggestions and comments, and liked the idea of JunkEngineering. If you are interested, please send your suggestions, comments, and questions to him at



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