Broadcast 513 (Special Edition)

25 Jun 2006 Shubber Ali
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Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show as the guest for this special two hour program. We started our discussion with Shubber telling us about his new website blog, space cynic. You can access this site at In addition, you can send e-mail directly to Shubber with your comments or questions at . After explaining the purpose behind the space cynic blog, who all the bloggers are on the site (I am Professor L), we talked about business and financial planning, the need for affordable space access for any space business to grow and prosper, space tourism, suborbital space tourism, NASA, and more. Several listeners asked Mr. Ali for his space vision and what he would do to further space development were he the head of NASA or as a cabinet level director of space for the government. He was also asked questions about public space policy, what was appropriate for the public to fund from their tax dollars, and the popularity of space programming. He also provided us with a novel but economic way to do many Hubble-like space telescopes that would not always need to be fixed at the cost of billions and risky shuttle flights. Mr. Ali spared no mercy in sharing his thoughts on the shuttle program and the ISS. He welcomes your questions and comments at the address above or of course through me at



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