Broadcast 526 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

25 Jul 2006 Dr. Pat Patterson, Dr. Charles Swenson
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Dr. Pat Patterson and Dr. Charles Swenson joined The Space Show to discuss the upcoming SmallSat Conference in Logan, Utah. We began the interview Dr. Patterson giving us the history of the SmallSat conference. We then began talking about education in the U.S., engineers, funding for science and space related programs in schools and universities and much more. Listeners can learn more about the SmallSat conference by visiting Registration for the conference is still available. We also talked about launch overkill regarding small satellites and large launchers. Pat and Charles had much to say on this subject, as well as the applications for small satellites around the world. We discussed military space and its relationship with commercial space, ITAR and space conferences, and the keynote speakers attending this years SmallSat. Pat explained the side meetings, the student programming and aspects of SmallSat and the networking that takes place at this conference. You can asked Drs. Patterson and Swenson follow up questions or give them your comments by sending them to me care of I will immediately forward your comments/questions to the guest you designate.



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