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This is our first Indiegogo perk co-host program.  Our featured co-host was Tom Marotta who has been a previous Space Show guest.  Tom chose the discussion topic of March Storm 2016 and brought on board with him Charles Miller and Josh Jenkins.  During the first segment of our 90 minute discussion, Tom started out asking Charles about March Storm, its goals and measurable outcomes.  Visit to see the Citizens Space Agenda for March Storm 2016 because Charles took us through each agenda item which is also a goal of March Storm. Note that the event this year is March 13-17.  Charles also pointed out agenda items from last year's March Storm that became policy or law as a result of the new commercial space law signed late last year. 

Tom asked Josh to describe his experiences with March Storm as a student and one that has advocated for space policy, organized college student participation and participated in other citizen lobby events including March Storm.  Josh explained the March Storm training, roll playing and how they make their advocacy more effective with congressional members and staffers.

Pat called from the Washington, DC area to ask about the national security benefits for March Storm 2016.  Charles responded to this question for a good but short discussion.  He mentioned many of the agenda items that he said would contribute directly to national security including low cost space access and rocket reusability among others. 

Tom asked Charles and Josh about first time participants & meeting with staff & members.  As you will hear, the group mostly meets with staffers but they do get some face time with the members.   

Tom asked our guests what they found to be most exciting about March Storm.  Charles mentioned two items that excited him, the cheap access to space prize and the transition from the ISS to commercial and private industry.  Josh mentioned his work on the SEDS Act and working toward human settlement to develop the space economy.

Another question dealt with space advocacy, specific rockets and destinations.  Our guests said they are both destination and rocket agnostic.  Listen to their full explanation regarding this matter as it helps to underscore the approach taken by March Storm with congress.

Public private partnerships were discussed several times in both segments.  March Storm does not push for either a government program or a total private program. Instead, March Storms strives to bring together the best of the government space program and the best the private sector has to establish a high quality and productive space program. 

In the second segment, Josh was the guest as Charles had to leave early.  Josh talked about individuals that participated last year that actually were offered excellent employment opportunities from their having participated in March Storm.  Josh described what happened in both instances but was clear in saying March Storm is not an employment program. 

Josh was asked how he thought March Storm made a difference.  His reply was most compelling so don't miss it.  Note the networking opportunities made available to students and others participating in March Storm. 

Tom asked Josh for his Eureka moment or pivot point in his space advocacy work and March Storm. Again, don't miss what Josh said in response to this question.  This discussion led to several email questions from listeners plus as Josh said, many students and first time March Storm participants did not know they could go to their members of congress and petition them on various items including space policy.  We pointed out that the right to petition the government was part of the First Amendment and urged listeners to exercise this right both on the federal and the state level.  

As we approached the end of the program, Josh provided us with his final thoughts which he summarized as "be the change you want to see happen."  He provided us with his email address should listeners want to contact him for more information or with their questions.  I also asked Tom to summarize his experience as a co-host given others will follow as this was a popular Indiegogo perk during our website campaign program last year.

Please post your comments in the comments section of the archived program on TSS website.  You can reach Josh through the email address he gave out on air. You can reach Tom and Charles through me.




Indiegogo Co-host Tom Marotta focuses on March Storm 2016

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25 Jan 2016 Thomas Marotta, Charles Miller, Joshua Jenkins
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