Broadcast 933 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

25 Apr 2008 Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Bob Krone
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Guests: Dr. Michio Kaku was the guest for this special Space Show program co-hosted by Dr. Bob Krone. We started the discussion by asking Dr. Kaku about his new best-selling book, "Physics of the Impossible." Dr. Kaku explained to us the three classes of impossibilities involving science, technology, and engineering. You will definitely want to hear this discussion since it relates to many potential space developments. As a result of listener questions and questions from co-host Dr. Krone, we talked about science and STEM education, space as a driver for education, inspiration, and much more. Dr. Kaku spelled out many of the STEM educational problems in the United States and provided possible solutions. This discussion also led to an exploration of hope and optimism with science. Do not miss what Dr. Kaku says about this important subject. As Dr. Kaku is the cofounder of string field theory, we had a good discussion about it, lots of questions, including questions from Dr. Krone and myself. We even had a listener ask about the potential paranormal aspect of human vibration and string field theory with contacting another dimension. As for discussing space travel, Dr. Kaku pointed out the problem of the high cost of space access. He was asked if we needed breakthrough advanced propulsion to give us low cost space access, could we do it through the space elevator which he talks about in his book, or could space tourism or space solar power be an economic driver leading to a significantly higher launch rate which would enable commercially attractive launch prices. This is a discussion you will want to hear. The issue of energy came up and we explored the type of energy needed to do many of the space projects we dream about, plus moving to a Type 1 civilization and how long it would take to get there. Other topics discussed on the show included dark matter and dark energy, the sun, black holes, and more. You can learn more about these subjects and Dr. Kaku's work by visiting his website, at . Click on Contact if you want to ask him a question. However, as he said on air, he gets far too many emails to answer them all, although he does post some of them on his site. I urge you to send him your question or comment, but be patient to see if he puts the answer up on his website. If you have a question or comment for Dr. Bob Krone, please send it to him at If you have a comment or question for me, please use



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