Broadcast 486 (Special Edition)

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Rob Wilson from Christ Church, New Zealand was the special guest for this unique and very different Space Show program. Rob began the interview by telling us about his blog, Out of the Cradle at When we returned from the first break, Rob turned the tables on me and I became the guest on The Space Show and Rob interviewed me for the balance of the program. With some unexpected callers, lots of email questions to the guest (me), Rob took us through the founding of The Space Show, my assessment of the impact of the show on NASA and, and much more. I enjoyed very much being a guest on The Space Show. Now I know (sort of) what 486 people before me have had to go through and endure! Have fun with this very creative show which was the idea of Rob Wilson and his partner at Out of The Cradle, Mark Trulson. You can ask Rob questions or provide him with follow-up commentary by emailing him at Of course you can send your comments and questions to the other guest for tonight to!



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25 Apr 2006 Rob Wilson
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