Broadcast 216 (Special Edition)

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Walt Anderson, noted space commerce financier, company executive, and businessman, was the guest on this Space Show edition. Mr. Anderson explained how he derived his interest in space and later on his passion for space commerce and investing. Mr. Anderson described many of his space investments and explained why he chose to participate in these companies and in what capacity. Mr. Anderson also shared with Space Show listeners the story of the demise of the Mir Space Station and his efforts to save it through the company he helped create, MirCorp. He also talked about future plans for MirCorp and his other space related business ventures. In this program, Mr. Anderson helps listeners understand what makes an investment in a space business venture different from a regular terrestrial investment and how to facilitate such an investment opportunity analysis. We also talked about the commercial space industry in general and the value of proper planning as well as the damage done to the industry by flakey promoters, businessmen and women, and inflated rhetoric. Mr. Anderson stressed the importance of not just a good business venture or concept, but a quality management team and a market that can be accessed and that can grow as the company grows. This is an exceptional business oriented program that along with other special Space Show programs, can help with solid advice, experience and know-how, help guide entrepreneurs as well as investors in maximizing their potential in the space commerce arena.



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25 Apr 2004 Walt Anderson
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