Broadcast 558 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

24 Sep 2006 Dr. William Gaubatz, Dr. Patricia Hynes
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Dr. William Gaubatz and Dr. Patricia Hynes were the guests for this Space Show program to discuss the upcoming International Symposium on Personal Space Flight (ISPSF) and the X Prize Cup. The ISPSF is hosted by Space Grant New Mexico and New Mexico State University and is a terrific two day conference supporting private and commercial space development. Our program discussed this symposium in detail, pointing out the quality speakers, the agenda, and some of the very fun events being planned for those attending the symposium. We then discussed X Prize Cup which takes place later in the week in Las Cruces, NM. Both Dr. Gaubatz and Dr. Hynes shared with us not only the details of these two important events but also their importance from their unique perspectives. In addition to the discussion of these two events, listener questions were asked of Dr. Gaubatz regarding the DC-X project which he headed. You will not want to miss his discussion of DC-X. Also, he pointed out that attending these events will afford people the opportunity to meet the current crop of historical space figures still alive, well, and working to further space development. How many of us would like to meet Goddard or Von Braun? Well, do we want to say that about many of the greats that will be at these events? No way so we all need to show up for the opportunity to meet the founders and heroes that have taken us so far so quickly in space development. You can get more information about these two events as follows: 1.; 2.; 3. For questions and comments, you can send your email to Dr. Hynes at Please direct your comments and questions for Dr. Gaubatz to me at



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