Broadcast 3775: The Annual You Can Be A Guest On The Space Show Program

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Guest: Open Lines and auditions hosted by Dr. David Livingston; We addressed the latest with UAPs, SLS and the government, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, space farming, the O'Neill Settlement Game The High Frontier (, Ryan's call on wanting to be a Space Show guest on his ides for "downshifting to a space economy."

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We started the program with a few announcements and the rules by which I conduction the Space Show "audition" process with those calling in wanting to be a guest on the program.  Initially we had typical open line phone calls.  Ft. Worth John led the way with an AIAA article from their monthly publication on SLS.  We talked about the AIAA perspective, government timeline for SLS to get going, high cost of SLS, heavy lift in general and more.  John then switched to the commentary made by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson about UAPs and the recent book published on the subject, "Skinwalkers at the Pentagon."  Ft. Worth John completed his call and then Marshall called to again talk about space farming and food for astronauts and space settlers.  Marshall also brought to our attention his thoughts on the possible consequences of being in an antiseptic environment with an effect on or with autoimmune disease.  Don't miss his commentary on this subject.

Our next call was from Fremont John who mentioned space settlement strategy and the email I read from potential audition guest Ryan.  An O'Neill space game came up (see the link above), then Ryan called and we put him through with John leaving the line.  Our caller, Ryan Reynolds, had sent me the email regarding downshifting to a space economy which I did read on air but now he was calling so we could talk to him about.  After Ryan giving us a bit of his background and how he got his interest n space, he talked about his ideas as expressed in the note.  Within a few minutes listeners started sending me a note telling me to invite Ryan to a full Space Show program which I will be doing as soon as possible.  I too thought Ryan had interesting things to say but rather than summarize them on his behalf, listen to his comments.  Tell us what you think by posting your response or thoughts on our blog.  I also asked Ryan for his implementation strategy and if he was attempting to teach his kids to have an interest in space.  I shared my ideas on how I did that with my kids but you may have different ideas so again, share them on the blog.  Rest assured, Ryan will be a Space Show guest before the end of this year. 

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach all the callers and those sending in emails through me. Ryan has authorized my providing his email address to listeners contacting me in order to reach Ryan.  In addition, you can post a note for Ryan on the blog and I will make sure he sees your post.




This Is Our Annual You Can Be A Guest On The Space Show Program. Call us and be the guest.

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24 Oct 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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