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Guest:  Suzana Bianco:  Topics:  Space architecture and her concept designs for free space habitats and stations.  See the material and images posted to TSS blog.

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We welcomed Suzana Bianco to the program for a one segment 77 minute discussion regarding space architecture, her presentation and images for free space platforms and habitats orbiting the Moon at L 5 plus the presentation she made at the recent SSI Conference in Seattle ( and for Panel 1 Part 2  Note these video panel discussions can be found on the SSI YouTube page and their website,  We started our one segment 77 minute discussion by asking our guest to define Space Architecture and then to introduce us to her design concepts posted on our blog and also discussed at the SSI event last month.  We spent most of the first segment talking in general about space architecture, the current habitat designs for space projects including the ISS and then later the proposed Lunar Gateway.  Our guest was asked why she chose to develop concepts for free space rather than for the lunar or Martian surface.  Be sure to hear what she said in reply that question as her response might surprise you.   I asked our guest several related questions including a few about jobs available for space architects.  Don't miss what our guest said in response to that question and how it applied to her and her work.

Suzi was asked about the SSI Gateway Foundation presentation of the Von Braun Station by John Blincow who was recently a guest on The Space Show. John was on the same SSI panel as Suzi.  She talked about the use of inflatables, adding value with more volume and possible design features, and getting away from designs based on narrow corridors.  She said it was more innovative but she thought a 5 year time line was fairly aggressive for such a structure.  Listen to why she said that about the time line.

Suzie was asked why L5 for her concept.  Once again, don't miss her explanation.  I then mentioned that from my perspective, she was actually designing a business park concept for L5.  Suzi confirmed that and then went through her design from that perspective.  She also talked about construction and structural aspects, the use of tools such as 3D printing, the application of certain materials that are available today and how we need to advance with tools and materials as we move forward to the future.  Suzie talked about space hotel cruise ships docking at her station when asked about space hotels being part of her business park. She said no because she envisioned the cruise ship concept for the tourists.  Listen to her describe this concept. 

Marshall called wanting to talk about designs for space agriculture and food production.  Both Marshall and Suzie explored this topic and our guest told us about some food production designs that you will want to hear about.  I then moved us forward to inquire about the need for closed loop life support and or being independent from Earth.  This brought about a detailed discussion by our guest that you will want to hear.  Coming in on the end of the discussion, Suzie was asked if she had thought about doing space architectural designing for children.  Her answer may surprise you so don't miss it.  We then talked about the population of her expected concept business park design plus people on the tourist cruise ship.  She said the tourists would remain on the cruise ship but the residents of her station would be living in residential areas around her design similar to islands. 

Listener Lisa sent in a note asking our guest about the probable design of the Lunar Gateway.  Doug called to talk about it being more efficient and plausible to be Earth independent by being able to access resources on the lunar and Martian surface than in free space.  Before our discussion ended, our guest was asked about the need for cislunar development to enable her concept designs for free space.  She said cislunar development was essential but make sure you hear all of what she said about it.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me.

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new designs for space architecture and habitats in free space

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24 Oct 2019 Suzana Bianco
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