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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Dr. David Livingston hosting Open Lines; Topics:  We discussed topics suggested by the three callers to the show and asked for listener support during our fundraising campaign. Hint: See Key Words.

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We welcomed Open Line callers and those listeners sending in emails to the show.  We started our two segment one hour 53 minute discussion with a fundraising appeal for supporting The Space Show as we are now engaged in our year end annual fundraising drive. We ask for your support so we can be strong in 2020.  See announcements on our website or contact me at  I also spent time thanking listeners for the support and letting them know how much they are appreciated, both by The Space Show audience and me personally.

I suggested several topics for listeners including a recent UFO study plus several other topics based on recent space news articles and developments.  Our first caller was Freemont John regarding an article he sent prior to the start of the program about doctors experimenting with suspended animation.  The link to his article is here:  John and I had a great discussion about this and how it might someday be applied to human spaceflight.  Let us know your thoughts on suspended animation for human spaceflight or even emergency medical treatment per the New Scientist article.

We paused for what would be our break and I read the all sponsor messages for The Space Show.  At the conclusion of my reading the sponsor messages, we started up with the second segment of the program.  Our next caller was Dr. Doug who expressed concern that Mr. Musk might somehow endanger his space activities and SpaceX through his other businesses.  Doug went through his other businesses offering us his assessment of each one plus his thoughts on the risks and how it might impact the Musk SpaceX vision which he believed to be crucial for space development and human spaceflight.  He went on to let us know the activities he thought were most important and why such as The Boring Company.  I did not agree with him and thought that there were safeguards to keep problems from one business spilling over to another. I did express mild worry about Elon's overall stress and health and what would happen if he was incapacitated or somehow someway no longer to run the ship including SpaceX.  Dr. Doug being an MD, had some comments about his view of Elon's stress and care for himself, a view which I had no comment about as I have no information about anything being discussed by Doug.  Before the discussion with Doug ended, we talked about self-driving cars and Tesla.  He is more ready for them than I am but they are coming and will be operational on a broad basis in just a few years.  Doug talked about the Tesla plan to rent or lease cars rather than own them.  Comments anyone?

Our last caller was Ft. Worth John.  He talked about research he had read regarding the Mach Principle plus we talked about the Woodward work on the issue.  John brought up the issue of a civilization being wiped out and needing to reboot. I reminded him and listeners of the show I did on August 21, 2015 with Dr. Dartnell or rebooting a destroyed society.  Before John ended the call, he looked up the UFO survey I mentioned earlier in the show and shared his thoughts with us about the survey.

Before the program ended, I once again asked listeners to support The Space Show, talked about future programming through the end of the year and the first few days of 2020.  In closing I wished everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday.

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Opens Lines. Talk about the space issues important to you. All callers welcome.

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24 Nov 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

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