Broadcast 1161 (Special Edition)

24 May 2009 Dr. Angie Bukley
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Guest: Dr. Angie Bukley. Topics: ISU Summer Session, NASA Ames, space education, space studies, space commerce. Dr. Angie Bukley returned to The Space Show to discuss the upcoming summer session for the International Space University (ISU) which will be held this year at NASA Ames. For more information, please visit the ISU website which is Dr. Bukley is the Space Studies Program Site Director for the Summer Session which runs from June 29-August 28, 2009. We discussed the Summer Session program and schedule and focused in on the panel discussions which are free and open to the public as well as student team projects and other aspects of this year's program. We learned that there are three team projects, one focusing on disaster response, another on Martian Caves, and the third addresses the potential for collecting space energy for assisting with Earth's energy needs. Dr. Bukley described the curriculum, the student mix, and the faculty mix. We also talked about deadlines which are past for this program but next year as ISU will soon be taking applications and the program will be held in Strasbourg, France which is the home campus for ISU. We discussed the importance of a space studies education for careers in the space world and this was made quite clear when Angie thanked the sponsors for the program, Boeing, Oracle, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, plus the support for ISU programming from all national space agencies including China. Many other aspects of the NASA Ames Summer Session were discussed and you are sure to hear more about this important program as the session begins and its events and programs are reported throughout the space press and media. If you have questions or comments for Dr. Angie Bukley, please forward them to me at and I will make sure Dr. Bukley receives them right away. If you are in the NASA Ames area (Mountain View, CA - San Francisco, CA) when any of the panels are being presented per the schedule given during this program, do your best to attend. Not only do you get to attend the panel but also the networking reception afterwards.



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