Broadcast 225 (Special Edition)

24 May 2004 Dayna Steele
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Dayna Steele Justiz was the guest on this Space Show program. Ms. Justiz talked about "selling NASA," that is NASA doing a better job of promoting its people, activities, plans, operations, etc. for developing space commerce, science, exploration and more. She spoke about how NASA seems controlled by the Public Affairs Office (PAO) which prevents the type of marketing that NASA should be doing and that even astronauts and others inside NASA want to do. She told personal stories about many NASA astronauts that she is friendly with that would make fascinating topics for press and media coverage, but because of the PAO, these stories never make it to the public. Such stories would do much to spur interest in NASA and its programs, let alone space development. The Aldrich Commission was discussed in the context of it paying attention to some of the suggestions and issues talked about by Ms. Justiz. Unfortunately, she does not believe this commission will address these issues. Ms. Justiz outlined her own plan for doing things differently and the perspectives and insights she put forth on the program merit important consideration. We also talked about the best way for the public to seek and influence change within NASA. Ms. Justiz thinks that it is a waste of time writing those in Congress ( I tend to support her statement given my own experience in writing to members of congress on a variety of issues). Ms. Justiz strongly suggests that we connect and write to members of the media, the press, all forms of the media as it is the media that according to her, has the power. Ms. Justiz brings to The Space Show a fresh perspective on how best to move forward in developing space resources, exploration, and in becoming space-faring. Her perspective is based on her years of working with NASA, her knowing NASA officials, astronauts, and others quite well, her business and marketing experience, and her astute observations. Her experience and perspectives make this an important Space Show program.



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