Broadcast 364 (Special Edition)

24 Jul 2005 Joe Lennox
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Joe Lennox, author and space educator returned for this very special Space Show program aimed at our younger listeners in our Space Show audience. Everything we discussed in this program was directed toward and with a perspective of speaking to kids from the fourth grade on up. We began the discussion by commenting on the Return to Flight with Discovery scheduled for Tuesday morning, July 26. We then began discussing Joe's new book which is directed toward kids regarding space education, answering their questions, and inspiring them to both understand the importance to us all of becoming space-faring, but to themselves as well with careers and other options for their futures. In response to listener questions from many of the younger listeners, Joe talked about communication satellites, the speed of sound and fiber optics. We also talked about the speed of an orbital vehicle, how to understand the 17,500 mph in terms that kids can grasp and what happens to an astronaut outside doing a space walk in terms of fear of speed, heights, falling down, etc. We also talked about what would likely happen if an astronaut could space walk at the speed of light, GPS satellites and how GPS is used to unlock a car door per a question asked Joe by a young San Antonio listener. We also talked about related fields to space such as law, communications, and more. Mr. Lennox has a superb educational website that I urge you to visit and to share with your family members and friends, Mr. Lennox will return to The Space Show when his book becomes available. In the meantime, direct your questions or comments to him at or as always, to me at For this show only, if archived listeners call the toll free line, I will take your name and question and relay it to Joe for his response.



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