Broadcast 1296 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

24 Jan 2010 Chris Carberry
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Guest: Chris Carberry. Topics: Space Exploration Alliance Legislative Blitz, space policy. Chris Carberry, former Executive Director of the Mars Society, joined us to let us know about the upcoming Legislative Blitz in Washington, DC from Feb. 21-23.. For more information on the Blitz, please visit In our first segment, Chris updated us about his change and departure from the Mars Society and indicated he will soon have announcements to make about some new Mars related activities he is undertaking. He then told us about the Space Exploration Alliance Legislative Blitz. A good portion of this segment explains the Blitz, how to reserve, attend, what to expect in terms of your team and meeting with Members of Congress, and the focus of the Blitz for this year. Chris provided the basics of this year's talking points. Toward the end of this segment, he described the training process and then we talked about the need for heavy lift launchers for our human spaceflight program. In our second segment, we talked about space as an agenda item in the recent Massachusetts senatorial election and discovered space and Augustine was never mentioned or part of the process. Chris talked about the flexible path from the Augustine Commission and then we discussed the Blitz teams and what to expect when meeting a Member of Congress or a staffer. As this segment ended, we talked about the upcoming space policy announcements by the administration and what it might indicate if there was no special space "speech" announcing the new civil space policy. Our last segment was very short and Chris returned to talking about the Blitz. He told us that registration for the Blitz was $25.00, that it takes place regardless of Washington, DC weather. In response to a listener question, the Blitz is strictly for Congress, not the Executive Branch of government. If you have questions or comments for Chris Carberry, please email him at



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