Merry Christmas To All. Excellent Reasons For Supporting The Space Show

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The Space Show Wishes All Of You A Very Merry Christmas And Joyous Holiday Season

8 Days Left To Support The Space Show For 2018

For those of you still undecided about supporting The Space Show, here are some excellent reasons for support us: 

**The Space Show brings you cutting edge & leading guests representing all parts of the private & public space industry;

**You the listener can interact with the guests, asking them questions and even sharing your own ideas with them;

**With The Space Show, you get in-depth discussions of complex topics about space with the leaders in their field; 

**The Space Show is a 501C3 nonprofit & a California Public Benefit Corporation.  Your gift may be tax deductible;

**The Space Show is completely listener supported. You determine what kind of Space Show all of us have for 2019;

**You can advise/recommend guests & topics.  We follow through on your suggestions;

**The Space Show inspires thousands of people to pursue & have an interest in space development/exploration.  You are part of that inspiration;

**Many of you benefit by promoting your work free of charge to The Space Show global audience;

**The Space Show helps you stay well informed so you can be a better and more effective advocate for your space interests;

**Space Show benefits are for everyone and are always available free of charge.


Remember, "Tis the Season for Giving and Giving Back."

The Space Show thanks you for your generous support.  Once again, a very Merry Christmas to all.


The Space Show and Dr. David Livingston



8 Days Left in 2018 To Support The Space Show

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24 Dec 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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