Broadcast 703 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

24 Apr 2007 Dr. Thomas Bauer, Dr. Stuart Eves, Dr. Billie Reed, Dr. James R. Wertz
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Responsive space was the subject for this special Space Show program broadcast live from the Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles, CA ( Several speakers and guests attending the conference discussed many topics of interest from responsive space to the Mid Atlantic Spaceport, space in the UK, engineering, and the need for more women and minorities in the space fields. Discussing these topics with were Stuart Eves of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited in the UK, Charles Kilmer of Boeing, Dave Jungkind of SEAKR Engineering, Dr. Billie Reed, Executive Director of the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, Ron Woll or Scitor Corporation, Dr. Jim Wertz, CEO of Microcosm, Dr. Tom Bauer of Microcosm, and Dr. Shahzad Khaligh of Boeing. Note that those with Boeing were speaking for their own opinions, not representing Boeing in any way whatsoever. While responsive space was the main theme of this program, it was soon made clear to us all that the commercial element must prevail, not only for the government side of responsive space but for the commercial needs for it and even the military. It was exciting to hear how more attention was now being paid to the necessity for successful commercial standards over the years and it was showing up in the discussions and plans at this 5th Responsive Space conference. As you will hear from each specific participant in this program, not only were Responsive Space issues discussed, but we learned about special projects underway with some of the companies, cutting edge technology such as IP in space, and much more. We had many listener questions and comments for the guests, especially Dr. Reed regarding the Mid Atlantic Spaceport at Wallops. Toward the end of the program, Dr. Bauer raised interesting questions about American or any rockets for that matter that today could meet the definition and standard for responsive space. Both Dr. Wertz and I attempted an answer. Please use if you would like to send a comment or question to any of the participants on this show. I will forward to the participant if I have the email address or I will work to get the address for your comment/question.


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