Broadcast 498 (Special Edition)

23 May 2006 Dr. Pascal Lee
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Dr. Pascal Lee returned to The Space Show for this program. We began our discussion with Dr. Lee about Mars and its importance with the VSE. Dr. Lee also explained why the Moon is an important part of realizing the vision to go to Mars. We also spoke about radiation issues for long term space flight to Mars and nuclear electric propulsion for faster transit times to and from Mars. Pascal then spoke to us about the importance of visiting Phobos and the Martian moons, maybe even before going to Mars. You will not want to miss this important part of this interview. Pascal spoke at length about the importance of science and exploration and why the space program is essential to not just our country but to the rest of the world. He also explained the value of the ISS and while he said it may not have lived up to all its expectations, it was still a valuable project in that is allowed us to keep our space production facilities in gear to enable us to do the VSE. In response to listener questions, he spoke about the importance of the component to the VSE and our future space program. You can ask follow up questions or provide your comments to Dr. Lee at or through me at



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